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TRANSCARPATHIA: INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. Art residence with the use of VR, AR and 3D mapping

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Dear friends and partners!

The Art Residency “Transcarpathia: Inside & Outside”, which we supposed to hold together with Cublo Art Centre in September, is postponed and will take place after the end of the quarantine related to the spread of COVID-19.
Unfortunately, Ukraine now has very high morbidity rates, and our foreign participants are not ready to come to us and similarly we are not ready to put people in danger.

We will not transform the residency into online project, because the essence of this residency is in direct communication and immersion into the environment. Therefore, by agreement with our main international partner, the House of Europe, we are postponing the project until we can all meet again and be together without any precautions.

The situation is a bit more complicated with the part of the project that should have been funded by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (our Uzhhorod partners, Cublo Art Center were the grantees): since Ukraine is still working on annual budget principles, the project could not be postponed to the next year. Therefore, our partners returned all the funds allocated under the grant and officially closed the project.

We hope that next year the residency will once again be supported by the UCF, and that Ukraine will finally move to a three-year budgeting and our planning horizons will be longer and opportunities more flexible.
In the meantime, we ask everyone to be responsible and careful: stay away from crowded places, use masks indoors, use disinfectants and do not sneeze at each other literally and figuratively. The more careful we are, the sooner we will be able to get out of the red zone and be open again to the world and various good projects.

Once again, we express our sincere gratitude to the partners of the residency, who are ready to wait for better times together with us: Stanica Zilina (Slovakia), Instytut Adama Mickiewicza (Poland), Pro Progressione (Hungary), Dům umění města Brna (Czech Republic), Kunsthaus7B (Romania), Odesa Art Museum and Odesa Museum of Modern Art

6 – 27 September 2020
Uzhhorod (Zakarpattia, Ukraine)

Dofa Fund and Kublo Art Centre with support of House of Europe. With participation of partners from Stanica Cultural Centre (Slovak Republic), Pro Progression (Hungary), Dům umění města Brna (Czech Republic), Adama Miczkiewicz Institute (Poland), International Cultural Centre in Krakow (Poland), Kunsthaus 7B (Romania), Odesa Modern Arts Museum (Ukraine), Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

Dear Friends,
We are glad to announce the start of participants selection for our first international art residence “Transcarpathia: inside and outside”.

The participants (2-3 for each country) are selected by our partners, we do not have an open call.

This time we are not searching for the new names in the sphere of art, but we would like to grant opportunities of the residence to those who:
– already have professional experience with visual art techniques, and are eager to learn how to involve different people into the discussion of socially important subjects, in particular, with the use of new modern media technologies.
– have their own defined interest in the problems of Carpathian region and would like to dive deeper into their field studies together with colleagues from other countries.

We offer the following directions for the INSIDE focus subjects:
Urbanism, cultural heritage, environment, neighborhood, social policy and its cultural impact, multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity, the role of an artist in social and political changes and social responsibility.

What should participants do?

Learn to talk about complex subjects using the language of modern media – VR, AR, 3D-mapping. Mentors group: 3D-mapping: Anastasiya Loyko, Volodymyr Hulych, Vj Varkus — the Artzebs Group, VR, AR: @Yura Miron and @Alexey Sysoev.

The learning sessions will take place almost daily within the three weeks. We provide equipment for necessary for learning and creating common project, but we do not cover expenses for artistic materials for personal purposes.

Travel around Uzhhorod and Zakarpattia in groups of 3-4 people in order to study the selected subjects.

Depending on the subject selected by the participants, we will arrange common travels for the whole group or few different ones for smaller groups, and will help to plan individual study visits.

Our guides in Zakarpattia include those who study the region from different perspectives: Tetiana Smriha (art, cultural processes), Lina Degtyaryova (urbanism, architectural heritage), Vladyslav Tovtyn (ecology, history, ethnography, modern life of different communities).

Learn new people, cities, landscapes and marvelous wines of Zakarpattia – to find inspiration and create new #personalnetworks

And, of course, we plan two parties at the beginning and at the end of the program.

The curriculum includes practical and theoretical sessions, including the following:

Computer-assisted 2D-animation: Tools. Analogue and digital. Disney technology (idea development and formation). AP program installation. Noise as a phenomenon.
  VR: Tools. Work with Unity. Painting in TiltBrush. Scene settings and project creation for VR. Modelling in Blocks. Control (forms of movement), light, model importing, materials + АР. Animation, Optimization. VR + AR. Modelling in Gravity Sketch. Painting with model created in Gravity Sketch using TiltBrush. Final assembly and testing of VR & AR projects
Characteristic features of visual art culture of Zakarpattia

Why Zakarpattia?

The ecosystem of the region is important for the whole Europe. With its unique climate and incredible landscapes, this region is at the same time on the verge of natural disaster resulting from massive cutting of forests.
It is a centuries-old hub which serves as a passage for people of different cultures. Different ethnic, language, religious and social groups peacefully co-exist in Zakarpattia. At the same time, these groups do not always interact in order to create common cultural landscape.
It’s easy to get to some European capital cities from here. But still, Zakarpattia remains a kind of Terra Incognita for most Europeans (in fact, for most Ukrainians as well).
These territories were influenced by several empires and state each of which left its trace here: Kingdom of Bulgaria, Kyiv Rus’, Hungary, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Soviet Union and finally Ukraine. Complicated history rises many issues as to implementation of politics of memory: what and how we should preserve, what we should discuss, what and how we should remember and tell our children.

Most of these issues are yet undiscussed, most of them are common for the whole Carpathian region.

History of our projects is related to Zakarpattia:
In 2018, SlobodaCult Cultural Forum took place in Zakarpattia where people discovered different social and cultural phenomena of Slobozhanshchyna (eastern regions of Ukraine).
TransCarpathiaCult should be our next forum where Zakarpattia will represent its culture in Odesa. Last year, the first preparatory meetings took place.

We cover:
Transfer expenses, accommodation (in a hotel) and meals of the participants. We provide place and equipment for work; organize daily workshops and consultations from makers.
We expect participants with professional experience, citizens of Ukraine and EU countries, with fluent English and medical insurance valid for the time of the residence

IMPORTANT! Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the residence will be held in accordance with all the sanitary and hygienic and quarantine regulations that will be in effect in Ukraine at the residence period. At the same time, we ask all the participants to take responsibility for their own health and health of other people: to refuse from participation in case of suspicion of coronavirus and inform the organisers about any health problems during the residence.

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