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Visual program of the forum “Transcending borders: GaliciaKult” in Kharkiv

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Oksana Barshynova

Art historian, the head of research department of art of the XX-th – early XXI century of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Dmitro Golets

Art historian, expert of the auction house “Korners”

Natalia Kosmolinska

Art historian, deputy director of the Lviv Palace of Arts

The visual program includes the exhibitions, that are going to be held in ten locations around Kharkiv. Galicia Art of XX – XXI century will be represented in all of its varieties and trends from Trush and Selskyi to modern icons and photography, and performance.

The main project is located at two platforms – in the Kharkiv Art Museum and in the YermilovCentre. The works of leading Galician artists of the XX – early XXI century show us the basic ideological problems of the region. The exposition includes the number of archival materials (documents, photos, videos) to build a complete narrative of history, and specific of compilation of old and new myths about Galicia. Curatorial narrative structure consists of the main topics of borderlands: migration, multiculturalism, involving to ideological and geographical spaces of empires, militarism as well as the specific features of Galicia, such as hermetism (to use only native), missionary position (“Ukrainian Piedmont”), European-like etc. A separate story is built around the figures of prominent artists, whose fate is indicative of the situation in Western Ukraine in the second half of the XXth century: Leopold Levytskyi (Lviv) and Opanas Zalyvakha (Ivano-Frankivsk).

Curatorial vision is formed by the research of a significant array of visual material, based on the analytical approach and is critical. As a result there is the construction of the exposure on the principle of separation on the content-problematical blocks with informational support. Curator approach is not only to present the art of Galicia, but also carrying some comparisons and parallels with the Kharkiv Art experience. Despite the different historical circumstances and mentality, Kharkiv and in particular Lviv are both outstanding centers of modernism and underground, and have a wide analogy in the socio-cultural aspect – the traumatic experience of Sovietization, almost radical changes of ethnic and social composition of the population, the formation of Ukrainian identity in conditions of empires which they belonged to. This will be shown not only by documentary materials and texts, but also, if necessary, through the presentation of individual works of Kharkiv artists.

The exhibition will feature the works from the collections of the Kharkiv Art Museum, Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv, Prycarpathian Museum of Arts (Ivano-Frankivsk) private collections and others. The basis of the exposure will be the works (painting, drawing, object, video art, installation, photography) of such artists as Wlodko Kostyrko, Yevgen Ravskyi, Yurij Kokh, Karl Zvirynskyi, Roman Selskyi, Ivan Perekhlita, Yevgen Samborskyi, Andrij Sagaidakovskyi, Yevgen Lysyk, Zenoviy Flint, Olexandr Aksinin, Sergij Petlyuk, Olena Turyanska, Igor Dyurych / Igor Podolchak ( “Masoch Fund”) and others.

Monday 3.10

«Salon in the Dvorianska St.», Chygyryna St., 5

The opening of the exhibition of «Artistic family: Vasil Turetskyi, Ivan Turetskyi, Lukyan Turetskyi, Olga Turetska and Natalia Pukhinda “Green Sofa” Gallery (Lviv) under the «Dynasties» project
The event is supported by the Cultural and Business Center “Rubanenko and Partners”

Tuesday 04.10

YermilovCentre, Svobody Sq. 4

Opening of the «Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult» Forum
Opening of the «GaliciaKult» exhibition. Art of the II-nd half of the XX cent. – early XXI cent.
The exhibition is supported by Stedley Art Foundation

Wednesday 05.10

Kharkiv Art Museum, Zhon Myronosyts St, 9

The opening of the «GaliciaKult» exhibition
The Galicia art from the museums’s funds of Ukraine
The works of the XXth cent. from the museum collections of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv
The exhibition will be held with assistance of the Ministry of Culture

Henryk Siemiradzki Gallery, Svobody Sq. 6/2

Opening of the «In Search of the Sacred» exhibition
Gallery of contemporary sacred art ICONART (Lviv)

Participants: Bogdan Soroka, Ivanka Krypyakevych-Dymyd, Petro Gumenyuk, Olga Kravchenko, Roman Zilinko, Ulyana Tomkevych, Danylo Movchan, Yaryna Movchan, Olexandr Bryndikov, Natalya Rusetska, Arsen Bereza, Ylyana Nyschuk, Ostap Lozynskyi

ICONART is the only gallery in Ukraine that focused on representation, support and developimg of the subject of sacred in contemporary art. The artists are looking for common ground between the sacred, divine and earthly, the human in the church tradition; medieval spiritual culture; national iconography; graphics; artistic experiences of the XXth century; historic environment and in their spiritual practices and experiences. The project will attempt to present these searches in the images and words, and will become a kind of creative and spiritual search.

ARTbasement, Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Chernyshevska St., 15

Opening of the «Miners. Galicia» exhibition
Photo research of Anna Rytsar and Roman Semen

Few people in Ukraine know that miners are not only in Eastern Ukraine. Coal is also mined in Volyn and the Lviv region. Photographers Anna Rytsar and Roman Semen decided to find out how it is to be a Galician miner.

Anna Rytsar, “We started to photograph at three mines of Chervonograd (Lviv region), but quickly convinced that technologically all the mines are more or less the same, and people are equally welcome and open to communication everywhere. So because of lack of time and finances we stopped for more detailed photographing at the nearest mine №4 «Revival» (because we had to visit it almost every week and for full-time).

Here we saw ordinary people with traditional Galician way of life: they go to work into the mines in their changes, after work they are involved in family and domestic affairs, have the same common interests, preferences, concerns and problems, as well as residents of Lviv, Lutsk or any other city of Western Ukraine. Among them are talented people, who turned their hobby into “second job”: they deel alone or with their families with ceramics, wood, painting, as well as the creation of modern acoustics in churches. In short, usual people. Almost always smiling, very hospitable, open and friendly, they even though the dust and dirt from coal are trying to keep everything clean and full of fresh flowers (everywhere where production allows there are potted flowers, and on the territory of mines, there are gardens and flower beds)”.

Thursday 6.10

Henryk Siemiradzki Gallery, Svobody Sq. 6/2

Maria Tsymbalista’s curatorial tour

Gallery of contemporary sacred art ICONART (Lviv)

Kharkiv Art Museum, Zhon Myronosyts St, 9

Oksana Barshynova’s curatorial tour. The «GaliciaKult» exhibition

Vovatanya Gallery, Kharkiv quay, 6

«Diary». Opening of the exhibition of the Pavlo Makov’s residence participants
The project was held under the “Creative residences” on August 11 – 24, 2016 in Kharkiv
The project was implemented with the support of Advocate Europe and MitOst

Friday 07.10

YermilovCentre, Svobody Sq., 4

Oksana Barshynova’s curatorial tour. The «GaliciaKult» exhibition

YermilovCentre, Svobody Sq., 4

Discussion «The Myth of Galicia»

Zhanna Komar (Poland), co-author of the “Myth of Galicia” in Krakow and Vienna
Oksana Barshynova (Kyiv National Art Museum) co-curator of the exhibition “GaliciaKult”
Dmitro Golets (Kyiv, AH “Korners”) co-curator of the exhibition “GaliciaKult”
Iryna Matsevko (Lviv Center for Urban History), curator of the lecture-discussion program of the forum “GaliciaKult”
Zhanna Komar – Professor, art historian, historian of architecture, studied at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

Works in Heritage Institute of the International Centre of Culture in Cracow (Poland). Originally from Ivano-Frankivsk. The area of scientific interest of the researcher is the architecture of XIX – XX centuries, the architecture of Galicia (Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk). The author of the book “The Third City of Galicia: Stanislav and its architecture in the autonomous Galicia” in 2008 ( «Trzecie miasto Galicji: Stanislawow i jego architektura w okresie autonomii Galicyjskiej») about the artistic contexts of Ivano-Frankivsk. The author of articles and researches in Ukrainian and Polish
The event is supported by the Polish Institute in Kyiv

Come in Gallery, Danilevsky St., 26, floor 1

Andriy Hir «Superstition» exhibition opening

This project is on the verge of science, art and folk mysticism. The term “popular metaphysics” can also be appropriate, because often irrational illogical stories and legends are integral cosmogonic concepts that specifically explain the universe, have a clear structure, complex hierarchies and classification of mythical creatures. The approach to the selected issues by the art makes it possible to operate with concepts and techniques not specific to science. Understanding of abstract concepts like artistic practice can be considered as a logical continuation and addition to ethnographic researches. My artistic method in this project is the use of the method of associative narrative visualization of text materials. Graphic language was chosen according to the nature of processed texts. The dark monochrome gamma and geometric compositions sometimes resemble a scheme or drawing, and gold elements and embroidery have both graphical and symbolic sense. These techniques are aimed at strengthening the viewer’s impression from the texts. This is not a revival of partly or completely forgotten beliefs and rituals, but rather that perhaps our understanding of ourselves is directly connected with the preservation of national memory. At the very end, I want to quote V. Shukhevych “When the lights of Easter eggs and Christmas carols extinguish, then it will the end. Then Herod will be brought down from a leash.”(“Gutsulschyna”).

Andrij Hir

The project is implemented under the National Exchanges Program, financed by the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy (USA)

Saturday 08.10

Kharkiv Art Museum, Zhon Myronosyts St., 9

Oksana Barshynova’s curatorial tour. The exhibition “GaliciaKult”

“Studio 42”, Konstytutsii Sq 1, entrance 7, floor 1

Between public and private: the experience of the residence “House word: creare vita». Portal ProSlovo Presentation.

The project was held under the “Creative residence” on August 11 – 24, 2016 in Kharkiv

The project was implemented with the support of Advocate Europe and MitOst

YermilovCentre, Svobody Sq., 4

Oksana Barshynova’s curatorial tour. The exhibition “GaliciaKult”

Come in gallery, Danylevskyi St., 26, floor 1

Andrij Hir “Superstition. History of the Project”. Lecture-presentation during the exhibition

Sunday 09.10

House “Word”, Kultury St., 9

Discussion and Presentation “Rro_Slovo: Revitalization of Public Space near the House Word”
The project was held under the “Creative Residences” on August 11 – 24, 2016 in Kharkiv
The project was implemented with the support of Advocate Europe and MitOst

Sunday 16.10

Kharkiv Art Museum, Zhon Myronosyts St., 9

Presentation of the books “Galician adventure country” and “Myth of Galicia” by Marta Gay (Poland)
Moderator – Oksana Barshynova
Marta Gay – the curator of exhibitions of the International Centre of Culture in Cracow (Poland), author of the book “Galician adventure country» ( «Galicyjska kraina Przygód»). The book “Galician adventure country” was created under the “Myth of Galicia” project, which was implemented by the International Centre of Culture in Cracow. The author told the children the story of Galician lands, their culture and beliefs through metaphorical journey by Galician train.
The event is supported by the Polish Institute in Kyiv

YermilovCentre, Svobody Sq., 4

Presentation of thematic edition of the almanac «A-Zart» of the Lviv Palace of Arts “Ukraine: Art of the Youth”
Organizer – Zenko Foundation

Tuesday 18.10

Henryk Siemiradzki Gallery, Svobody Sq., 6/2

Master Class “Iconography on glass”.
Gallery of contemporary sacred art ICONART (Lviv)


“School of Performance”

13.10 – 15.10
YermilovCentre, Svobody Sq., 4

“Days of Performance Art in Lviv” is the first and currently the only performance art festival in Ukraine, launched in 2006 by the Polish Institute in Kyiv.

This is annual festival (first in 2008), demonstrating the wide range of directions and technologies of performance (vision, plastic, sound, smell). During its existence of the festival the curators invited to participate the performers from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany and the UK.

The festival combines performances acting by the authors which are known masters and young generation of performers, and educational platform – “school of performance” – this is an independent, public art project focused on studying the basics of performance art and concept of art action; meeting with artists, lectures, video presentations, discussion on the history, theory, analysis, state of the performance art. Direct communication with artists / experienced performers this is a key experience that the School enables. Every year around 50 young artists from different cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Uzhgorod, Odessa, Kharkiv, Kyiv become the School pupils.

Since 2009, the teachers of School of Performance had been: Sibylle Omlin (Switzerland), Barbara Sturm (Austria), Tamar RABAN (Israel), Janusz BALDYGA, Waldemar Tatarczuk (Poland), Nigel ROLFE (Ireland), Sandra Johnston, Roddy Hunter, Denys BLACKER ( UK).

With each next festival “Days of the Art of Performance” the geography of its participants expands. This helps to create space for artistic dialogue of artists from different countries.

Festival organizers: Institute of Contemporary Art (Lviv), art association “Dziga”.

Produced with the assistance of the Canadian NGO Stabilization Support Services and financial support of the UK Government

Thursday 13.10

10:00  Volodymyr Kaufman. Lecture

12:00  Tamar Raban (Israel). Workshop

16:00 Performances. Mykhailo Barabash, Olexandr Maksymov, Anton Sayenko

Friday 14.10

10:00  Janusz Baldyga (Poland). The lecture and master class
Supported by Advocate Europe and MitOst

16:00 Performances. Tamar Raban (Israel) and Ernesto Levy (Israel), Marta Bosowska (Poland)
Supported by Advocate Europe and MitOst

Saturday 15.10

10:00 Marta Bosowska (Poland). The lecture and master class
Supported by Advocate Europe and MitOst

16:00 Performances. Janusz Baldyga (Poland), Yaryna Shumska, Volodymyr Kaufman
Supported by Advocate Europe and MitOst

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