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Music and theater program of the forum “Transcending borders: GaliciaKult” in Kharkiv

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Lyubov Morozova

Music expert, critic and reviewer. Press secretary of the Forum “The Music of Youth” and the Kiev International workshops of the new music COURSE. The author of over 700 articles in national and foreign periodicals and musicological researches. Works for LB.UA portals, newspaper “Day”, the “Focus” magazine and many other publications. Leads the authorial course of lectures dedicated to “new music”, and finds it as her specialization.

Natalka Vorozhbyt

Dramatist, screenwriter, curator. Her performances were held in such theaters as the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre (Ukraine), Royal Court Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Theatre (UK), Meyerhold Center and the Center for Contemporary Dramaturgy and Directing (Moscow) and many others. Participant in international residencies and festivals. Curator of the festival “Week of actual play”, Dramatist of the projects «Maidan Blogs”, “Mikolaivka”, cooperates with the volunteer organization “New Donbas” and others.





Svobody Sq. 4 

The Kharkiv guitar quartet’s concert


  • Sergiey Gorkusha
  • Maxym Tryanov
  • Iryna Polovynka
  • Andriy Bragin

The program includes the works of Krzysztof Penderetski, Witold Lutoslawski, Andriy Andrushko, Jurij Stasiuk, Tomasz Sikorski, Marek Pasyechnyi.

The quartet was founded in 2008 in Kharkiv, and aims to promote contemporary classical music. Thanks to cooperation with the Composers Alliance of America, many Ukrainian and foreign authors, the Quartet released its unique concert program. In addition to new music, their repertoire includes their own transcriptions of   Baroque music.




Small stage

Taras Shevchenko Kharkov State Academic Drama Theatre

Sumska St., 9

The play «My Drandfather Dug. My Father Dug. And I Will Not» created within the Polish-Ukrainian performative project «FEAR MAPS / IDENTITY MAPS»

Project curator: Joanna Vihovska (Warsaw)

Direction: Agnieshka Blonska (Warsaw), Rosa Sarkisyan (Kharkiv)

Dramaturgy: Joanna Vihovska (Warsaw), Dmytro Levytskyi (Kyiv)

Artist: Alyevtina Kakhidze (Kyiv)

Performers: Lukash Vujtsitskyi (Warsaw), Anna Yepatko (Lviv), Ivan Makarenko (Odesa), Nina Khyzhna (Kharkiv), Oksana Cherkashyna (Kharkiv)

Light designer: Igor Azarov

The performance was created within the project “MAPS OF FEAR / MAPS OF IDENTITY” during which Polish and Ukrainian artists and theorists, through performative tools, various master-classes and forms of presentation explored the cultural and social situation in our part of Europe. The main theme of the project is the fear as a hidden foundation of modern European standards and identity.

The project lasts since February 2016. Within it, there were two working sessions (May – Lviv, July – Kharkiv), where about 40 theater artists (directors, playwrights, actors, composers) from all over Ukraine (Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Khmelnitskyi, Poltava, Odesa) together with Polish trainers were working in the format of workshops and laboratories.

The current group of five actors from different regions of Ukraine and Poland was studing and sharing personal past and the memory of their countries through the prism of individual experience.

The result of the joint work was a mobile co-production that demonstrates how the past cooperates with us, and how we can cooperate with the past.

The project is implemented by «Stowarzyszenie Praktyków Kultury» in partnership with Ukrainian organizations from Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kherson.




Small Hall of the Kharkiv Specialized Music School

Blagovischenska St., 19

Concert “Joseph Koffler and His Time. Cut of the Lviv Musical Life of 20s – 30s of the XX-th cent.”

Adam Soltis – Sonata for violin and piano.

Mykola Kolessa – Piano Quartet

Joseph Koffler – String Trio

Joseph Koffler – Variations on a Theme by Johann Strauss

Joseph Koffler – Sonatina №12

Joseph Koffler – Quasi una sonata

Joseph Koffler – Song of a slave

Joseph Koffler – Ballet Music

Уривки творів  Станіслава Лема читає  Тарас Демко

Performed by the Collegium musicum ensemble. Members:

Igor Zavgorodniy – violin

Vitalшy Lyman – piano

Petro Tityayev – violin

Zenon Dashak – alto

Oksana Lytvynenko – cello

Anastasia Boyko – piano

In the 30s of last century, the first symphony of Joseph Koffler from Lviv was broadcast in the whole Poland. The director of BBC sent a letter to the Lviv Radio in which he expressed his admiration with the sound quality during transmission and highly orchestral performance.

Artistic life in Lviv in 20s – 30s was extremely busy. During this period the star of the Lviv avant-garde composer Joseph Koffler was shining brightly. He was almost completely forgotten in motherland after the death in a concentration camp, that was a fatal event for all future generations of composers.

The program combined the Lviv authors of different nationalities and aesthetic preferences. Its mission is to show aesthetic cut of those time. Along with the music the spectators will hear the childhood memories of the Lviv sitizen Stanislav Lem, which he described in his novel “High Castle”.




Taras Shevchenko Kharkov State Academic Drama Theatre

Sumska St., 9

The play “Nation”

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre

Staging, directing, visual and musical concept – Rostyslav Derzhypilskyi

Scenography – Olexandr Semeniuk

Song Directing – Natalka Polovynka

Plastic – Andriy Kyrylchuk

Costume Designer – Olena Andriychuk

Drama Requiem, based on real events, after the same named book of Mariya Matios, is a kind of a prayer for the living, the dead, for the nation. It is based on four nonfictional stories about the historical period of the late 1940s, the coming of Soviet power in the western lands, eviction of people from their homes, arbitrary detention and executions of civilians. The play shows “how with love and in sorrow the nation was born”.





Chernyshevska St., 13

The play “Autumn on Pluto”

Director: Sashko Brama

Independent performative-theater project which aim is to create a documentary play based on interviews with residents of Geriatric Home. These are incredible human stories containing something important and yet elusive. This is an attempt to think together about the responsibility for our lives, dignity and good.

Pluto is the most distant planet in the Solar System, but until now the scientists have not yet expressed a definitive opinion on the Pluto’s astronomical status. As in the Solar System, also in the social space there are unexplored corners. And Geriatric Homes belong to an obscure reality for us. Autumn is a time associated with the extinction of life and harvesting. In the project, harvest represents the experience of people.

To implement the project, it was selected interdisciplinary working method, which allows to better reproduce all feel seen and heard. The play is created at the intersection of arts like modern dance, audio design, documentary theater, realistic dolls.

The project is implemented within the program of national exchanges, financed by the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy (USA)




Palace of Culture of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv

Radnarkomivska St., 13

“Galician Symphonism. Reloading “

Adam Soltys – Symphony №2 (Ivan Ostapovych version)

Roman Simovych – Symphony №5 (John Ostapovych version)

Conducts and talks about music Ivan Ostapovych

Performing by the Youth Symphony Orchestra “Slobozhanskyi”

As for symphonic music of Galicia, there is a stereotype that in the Soviet period almost all of it belonged to the socio-realistic canon and conjunctural requirements of the time. But many composers of Galicia received substantial European education in Vienna, Prague and Berlin. Later the coming of Soviet power fatally reflected in creative biographies of Galician authors and general musical aesthetics.

The concert will present two works that are completely different aesthetically, stylistically and in musical language. The symphony of Polish composer from Lviv Adam Soltys is aesthetically close to the tradition of Mahler, Bruckner and the late Polish Romantics. Musical language of the Ukrainian Roman Simovych is based on folk songs native sources. They lived about in the same time and even taught in the same Conservatory, but never experienced mutual influences.

Ivan Ostapovych is co-founder of the artistic community Collegium musicum Lviv, founder and conductor of the chamber orchestra Collegium musicum. Co-organizer of the festival “Days of Bach’s music” (Lviv 2014), artistic director of the festival “Bach Marathon” (Lviv 2015) and Lviv Hindemith Fest 2015. The presenter of the program “Territory of classics” on the radio “Skovoroda”. He collaborated with the National Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra INSO-Lviv, Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestras of Rivne and Ternopil Philharmonics.

Youth Symphony Orchestra “Slobozhanskyi” was created in 1992, but is still the only professional team of this type in Ukraine. It was repeatedly invited to festivals in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Serbia and Montenegro. World famous conductors and soloists like Kyrylo Karabyts, Havriel Heine, Volodymyr Krainev, Tetyana Grindenko and more worked with this orchestra. In 1994, on the European Music Festival in Copenhagen the orchestra was voted as the “Best Youth Symphony Orchestra of Europe.”




ART AREA ‘ДК’         

Chernyshevska St., 13

Solo performance “London”

The first scene of modern drama “Drama.UA” (Lviv)

Director: Pavlo Arye

Playwright: Maxym Dosko (Belarus)

Artist: Yaroslav Fedorchuk

The play “London” on the same named play by Maxim Dosko is a story about the Belarusian plumber Giena who gets to London. The author gently and subtly describes the realities of modern Minsk. London appears as thumbnail chopped and mixed with internal feelings tourist guide. Dosko explores the concept of patriotism by comparing the experiences of the hero at home (in Minsk) and in foreign parts (in London). Poeticizing routine, Dosko hints that homeland is a place of repeatability of daily practices that cause a sense of security and comfort, and meticulous fighting with urban sewage is sometimes the highest form of patriotism. “London” is a solo play about love of country and all of us.




Outdoor concert

at the Mykola Lysenko Kharkiv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

Sumska St., 25

HYCH Orchestra


Ostap Kostyuk – trumpet, woodwinds

Maryan Pyrozhok – vocals, guitar

Pavlo Mygal – guitar

Volodymyr Romaniv – bass guitar

Pavlo Protsiv – violin

Vsevolod Sadovyi – drums

Markiyan Turkanyk – violin

Olekcandr Marusyak – trombone

The “HYCH Orchestra” from Lviv delicately plays extravagant music, sings the songs of unjustly forgotten poets like Tychyna and Sosyura, creates compositions on the Maryan Pyrig’s lyrics and actively rethinks folk art. He respects tradition, but his music is born in the joy of experiment. The “Orchestra” consists of eight guys whose voice and instruments give happiness to the listeners here and now. After all, the word “hych” is a cry of joy and admiration.

The project is implemented within the national exchanges, financed by the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy (USA)


ART AREA ‘ДК’         

Chernyshevska St., 13

The documentary play “Where’s East? Where’s West? “

With the participation of Displaced Theatre (Kyiv)

Director – Georg Genoux

Curator – Natalka Vorozhbyt

Andriy Bondarenko (Lviv)

Vasyl Paczkovskyi (Lviv)

Zoryana Dubovska (Lviv)

Sergiy Karavanets (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Natalia Vyshnevska (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Olga Matsyupa (Lublin)

Kira Malinina (Kharkiv)

The view of the people from the East to the people of Western Ukraine

The view of the people from the West to the people of Eastern Ukraine

The view from opposite sides of each other

Myths, stereotypes, lies and truth

The performance will be the result of ten theater workers of the West and East Ukraine and German director Georg Genoux. The first phase of the work was held in the format of interview. The performance will take place during the forum in the format  of work in progress.

The Displaced theatre is a space of certificates. This is the theatre without actors, the place where every voice of people who lost their house, is heard. The reality, as a theatrical trick: unusual, but the only accurate answer to the challenges.

Produced with the assistance of the Canadian NGO Stabilization Support Services and financial support from the UK Government




Kharkiv Municipal Gallery

Chernyshevska St., 15

Tetyana Okopna

Lecture “The Rock Stars of communist Czechoslovakia, mainstream and underground”

During the lecture you will hear how Frank Zappa almost became an economic adviser to President of Czechoslovakia. You’lln get known about the connection between hipster Allen Ginsberg and fashion on white sneakers in Prague in winter of 1965, why the “hairy musicians” did not like Karel Gott, the “Golden nightingale” of Czechoslovakia, or how it happened, that the whole Prague sang the world hit Jailhouse Rock of Elvis Presley as “bloodthirsty crawfish”, or what happened in the underground punk concerts at the height of communist normalization. We will tell the rock&roll and rock history of Czechoslovakia of 60-80s, follow the Czech rock history from the imitation of famous Beatles, Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley to the original Czechoslovak bands and scandalously provocative underground show concers ended with mass political trials, creating of the Charter 77, the Velvet revolution and world concert tours after its completion in the early 90s.

Tetyana Okopna – bohemist, translator, lecturer of the Czech language in the Czech Center.


Old circus

Natsionalnoi Gvardii Sq., 17

Concert “If it is difficult to ride horses”

The Plastic People of the Universe (Czech Republic) and the Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra “Slobozhansky”

Music by Milan Hlavs and Michal Neytek

Texts: Vratislav Brabenets and Pavel Zayichek (composition “Samson”)

Orchestral arrangements: Michal Neytek

The Plastic People of the Universe:

Vratislav Brabenets – alto saxophone, recitative singing

Joseph Yanichek – keyboards, singing

Eva Turnova – bass guitar, singing

Jaroslav Kvasnichka – drums, singing

Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra “Slobozhanskyi”


Michal Neytek – singing, recitative, theremin

Joseph Klich – cello, singing

Conductor – Pavel Shnaydr

Technical supervisor and sound – Radek Odehnal (RO Sound)

Czech rock band The Plastic People of the Universe was formed a month after the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968. Its name was borrowed from a song of the same name – «Plastic People» by Frank Zappa, one of those American artists, who guided the Czech musicians. The group became the spokesman of free and invincible spirit and quickly gained popularity. Because of its non-conformism, it was firstly deprived of professional license, prevented from playing in the city, and later banned. Constant persecution were culminated in the 1976 with the imprisonment of several of its members; a group of opposition intellectuals led by Vaclav Havel then arranged a campaign for their support and for their release, which grew in Charter 77. That’s how the rock&roll band became the basis for uniting of the democratic opposition of different views that had no analogues in the communist countries of those times. Musicians  got closer to Vaclav Havel and did two of their semi-illegal records in his cottage in Hradek.

In the concert, the most famous Czech rock band will perform with the Youth Symphony Orchestra “Slobozhanskyi” – the first and only unique in Ukraine professional band of this type.

The “If it is difficult to ride the horses” is the third implemented thematic project where the music of Milan Hlavsy is combined with original poetry of Vratislav Brabenets and text of Pavel Zayichek “Samson”. The “Horses” came at a time when the band officially denied the opportunity to play in public, was playing about once a year in hidden actions, and each concert was a performance of a special type with holistic scenic presentation and one theme.

Organizer: Czech Center in Kyiv with the support of the city of Brno, Czech Republic Honorary Consulate in Kharkiv and Ukraine International Airlines


Kharkiv Theatre for Children and Youth

Poltavskyi Shliakh St., 18

The play “Old Woman”

Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theatre

Production and musical arrangement: Oleksiy Kravchuk

Artist: Oleksiy Khoroshko

Playwright: Pavlo Arye

Mykola Pavlik, Ostap Shuper, Denys Kurylov, Oleg Stefan, Sergiy Lytvynenko, Anna Yepatko, Ostap Dzyadek, Mariya Horodechna, Oksana Tsymbalist

The mystery after the play by Pavlo Arye, which is about a family living in the Chornobyl exclusion zone. Presiding it a “very, very, very old” grandmother Prisya – to some extent, an infernal heroine, who is friends with mermaids, eats hallucinogenic mushrooms and once during the war stabbed twelve Germans. The alienation of this family in the play is not so much territorial as psychological. The main drama conflict is a clash of two worlds: external – modern Ukraine, and internal – mystical, archetypal world. The playwright managed to combine a topical with the motif of Ukrainian myth. However “Old Woman Prisya”, despite the inherent metaphor, puts us very specific questions concerning both our past and our present. And when we decide it, we will be able, unlike the characters of the play, to say, where we are still moving.

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