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THE CULTURAL FORUM “Transcending Borders: GaliciaKult” in Kharkiv

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85 events
6 fields: visual art program, lecture-discussion program, cinema program, music, and theatre program, literary program
15 cultural and art locations of Kharkiv were used during the Forum
About 300 artists from Galicia visited Kharkiv during the Forum. Kharkiv was also visited by participants from Kyiv, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, and Belarus
Overall the Forum was attended by about 11 000 visitors

The Forum «Transcending borders: GaliciaKult» took place in Kharkiv in 2016. It`s program consisted of two parts: «Artist-in-Residences» and the Cultural Forum.

The «GaliciaKult» Forum aimed to clear the existing mental borders between the east and the west of Ukraine and bring the many-sided culture of Galicia into Kharkiv, the largest city of Slobozhanshchina. We aimed to show Galicia as a region formed by different historical contexts that were influenced by various cultures of European countries and influenced itself the cultural landscape of Central and Eastern Europe.

The main objectives of the two-week program of the «GaliciaKult» Forum were:

  • to dispel historical myths and cultural constructions about the Galician region and explain them to the target audience in Kharkiv;
  • to build Kharkiv community’s attitude towards the culture and history of Galicia through public discussion and communication with artists;
  • to Identify different artistic and cultural initiatives of the modern Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Drohobych, Ternopil and other cities of Western Ukraine;
  • to ensure a stable online platform for new contacts and cooperation between young artists and creative organizations in both regions of Ukraine and with the nearest-neighbor countries;
  • to implement a program of artist-in-residencies in Kharkiv for young artists from Galicia;
  • to understand the concept of the neighborhood both domestically and abroad.
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