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The name of the foundation appeared due to the founders’ realization of the invaluable historical significance of cultural, religious and artistic achievements of Ukrainian peoples, who are a strategic resource for the future prosperity of the unitary state.

The Charity Foundation’s “The Depths of Art” aims are:

  • charitable activities in the public interest;
  • research, presentation and promotion of the multinational and multicultural diversity of Ukraine;
  • providing a framework for the urgent needs of the society in the creation and consumption of the high quality cultural product;
  • enhancing public attention to the importance and inseparability of art and cultural processes for successful and long-term development of Ukraine and its nation as a whole;
  • raising community awareness in terms of cultural heritage, its preservation and contemporary artistic achievements;
  • full support for the initiatives aimed at implementing projects in the field of culture, art and education.
  • promoting awareness of the art as a factor of national unity and civic consciousness of the society, a tool in the fight for the future of the state, its intellectual potential, which is an indispensable condition for the social and economic development of the country.


  • Research, presentation and promotion of the cultural achievements of different Ukrainian regions;
  • Promotion of  spiritual and cultural development of the citizens,  popularization of the best examples of art and widening the access to the heritage of Ukrainian and world culture;
  • encouraging society to active participation in cultural processes;
  • Broad media reporting of intellectual and artistic potential for the citizens of the country and  international community;
  • development of various kinds of creativity and support for talented artists;
  • attracting native and foreign supervisors, artists and other professionals which have experience in creating targeted programs and cultural events in Ukraine and abroad.

The main activities of The Charity Foundation “The Depths of Art” are:

  • organization and conducting of its own cultural events, promotions, exhibitions, forums and festivals,  educational activities of cultural and artistic area – round tables, lectures, seminars, debates, hearings;
  • promotion of scientific and educational programs in the sphere of culture and art. Cooperation with the organizers of these programs and direct participation in ones;
  • initiation and support of the programs aimed at conservation, restoration and creation of objects of cultural and artistic area, historical and cultural heritage, monuments of the past;
  • experience exchange and cooperation with charitable organizations and communities, cultural centers, museums and other foundations in Ukraine and abroad, development of international relations in the cultural environment;
  • financial aid to charity organizations in the spheres of culture, arts and education;
  • support for publishing business, promotion of printing cultural, artistic, scientific and reference books.
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