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Artists Residency «Like U»

European participants

Agata Sztorc (Poland, Lublin)
Human resources management, projects for children, Curator of educational program.
Galeria Labirynt in Lublin (https://labirynt.com) Nationwide and worldwide artists’ meeting place for new phenomena participant in artistic processes. The labyrinth is a metaphor for the contemporary art, it represents perseverance in overcoming the obstacles and curiosity about what is out of sight.

Agnieszka Kilian (Poland)
Visual art, Independent artist/curator, co-founder of NGO.
NGO Kurz Foundaion (https://fundacjakurz.wordpress.com/) is a curators and artists initiative, exploring the relationship between art and the public domain, as well as the issue of art production beyond the market framework.

Alexandre Rousselet (France, Moulins – Auvergne)
Invention,engineering, visual art, design VULCA – European Program.
VULCA – European Program   (http://www.program-vulca.eu) unites Fablabs sharing makers. “A maker is a designer, an artist, an engineer, a cooker, a senior or a student, a singer or a musician, a craftsman who wants to learn, make and share…”

Andrea Mochi Sismondi (Italy, Bologna)
Theatrical and performative arts, visual arts, sound arts, self-oriented arts, discourse and writing, artistic residences Artistic Director of NGO.
Ateliersi Cultural Association  (www.ateliersi.it) – is an artistic production’s collective which operates in the field of theatre and performing arts. It deals with artistic production (performances, dramaturgy, editorial projects, actor’s training) and with Atelier Si‘s cultural program.

Barna Petrányi (Hungary, Budapest)
Traditional and contemporary music and performing arts, artists and international programmes. Founder and project manager of agency.
Pro Progressione (http://pro-cult.com/) – is an independent organisation, working towards the creation and support of an open and diverse culture, a bridge between different disciplines, artists and actors of cultural life, both on a national and international scale.

Beatriz Calafell (Spain, Barselona)
Visual art, Art manager and curator.
NGO Ksa: K Center for Contemporary Art(https://pasapaginachisinau.blogspot.md/) – is aimed to develop cultural forms and art practices, which would reflect the dynamic of social, political and economic transformations of society.

Charlotte Van Buylaere (Belgium – Netherland, Amsterdam)
Curatorial education programs, exhibitions, performances, film screenings. Curator and researcher.
NGO De Appel Amsterdam (www.deappel.nl) brings together people, objects, and ideas to explore the yet unknown by organizing exhibitions, performances, film screenings, lectures and  gatherings that cross boundaries with regards to artistic and discursive discipline.

Danielle van Zuijlen (Belgium, Ghent)
Visual art, residency program, International collaboration Independent artist/curator, strategy developer of cultural policy.
NUCLEO (https://www.nucleo.be/) – is an artist studio organization which currently manages 10 buildings in Ghent, providing artist studios and professional development opportunities to over 150 artists and cultural organizations.

Denisas Kolomyckis (Portugal, Góis)
Culture and creativity, non-formal education and lifelong learning spheres. Cultural Manager and Artistic Director and  Board member of Raizvanguarda.
Raizvanguarda – Associacao Cultural(https://raizvanguarda.pt/). Artist in residency program at “scola-Estudio Raizvanguarda” involves devising, planning, marketing and implementing of cultural projects, performances, learning and participation programmes also strategic planning, projects, and programs preparation and implementation, raising finance, legally constituted representation.

Eduardo Cassina  (Spain – Greece )
Visual art, urbanism, spatial theory, research.  Architect and urban sociologist, co-founder of project.
METASITU (www.metasitu.com) –is a collective for developing future urban scenarios, finding solutions by shifting existing paradigms and subverting prevalent behaviors, re-directing existing systems towards other ends.

Flavia Introzzi (Spain, Madrid )
Visual arts. Cultural manager and curator.
NGO Нablar en arte (http://www.hablarenarte.com/en) – is an independent platform for projects that works to support the creation, publicizing dissemination and promotion of contemporary culture. It always develops its projects in cooperation  with public or private institutions and cultural agents interested in hosting and supporting its proposals. NGO Curators Network aims to foster the international promotion and interconnection of art professionals who live and work in environments that can be considered peripheral to the main centers of contemporary art.

Katarzyna Zielińska (Poland, Wroclaw)
Visual art management, art residency programs. Project manager, art producer, cultural animator.
Biuro Festiwalowe Impart 2016http://www.wroclaw2016.pl) – is a governmental organization aimed to provide high-quality cultural event and cultural education programmes. It organizes many cultural projects such as European Capital of Culture – Wrocław 2016.

Lana Biba  (United Kingdom, London)
Theatre Actress, co-founder of company and artistic director
2theatre international companywww.2theatre.com) – is an awardwinning, international London based company produces multi-faceted shows of physical theatre, clown and puppetry, that push boundaries and erase borders. London Physical Theatre School (www.physicaltheatreschool.com/) is the pedagogical branch of the company aimed at organizing workshops in different countries to create an international platform that can connect artists through a common language.

Maria Chiara Ciaccheri (Italy, Milan)
Museum inclusion and accessibility, participatory practices in museums. Project manager,  facilitator and museum staff trainer.
NGO ABCitta (www.abcitta.org) – is a social cooperative focusing on different fields: human and social sciences, sustainable development, management and organization of complex systems, urban planning and urban design, museum learning, childhood and youth culture.

Maria Eguizabal Elilas (Spain, Madrid)
Curatorial programs of films and video, performances, artist workshops, concerts, thought and debate and the program of Artist in Residence Head of the public activities department of museum.
CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (www.ca2m.org) –is a governmental contemporary art museum, a key agent in articulating the narratives of contemporary  Spanish art.

Markus Nieden (Germany, Karlsruhe)
Film making, visual and performing arts Independent artist/ curator
NGO Filmboard-karlsruhe (http://filmboard-karlsruhe.de) – is network of filmmakers, artists and broadcasters who are professional, experienced, reliable and efficient and ready to help you by supporting your film production for all your logistic and infrastructure needs. Organizer annually of Festival For Independent Filmmakers.

Markus Waitschacher (Austria, Klagenfurt)
Contemporary art, anthropological city  research.
NGO Kunstraum haaaauch-quer (https://www.haaaauchquer.com) is a non-profit art space where exhibitions of the contemporary Austrian art scene and Cuban art are displayed.

Sabina Damiani (Italy – Croati, Trieste)
Photography, video and sound installations, curator, writer and researcher in the contemporary arts field Independent artist/curator, director of NGO.
NGO Slideluck Trieste (http://slideluck.com/)  aims to build community through art and food by organizing locally based events that gathers arts professionals and locals in order to share experiences and create networks.

Sasha Dees (The Netherlands, Amsterdam)
Curating, performing arts, visual arts, new media,literature and film. Independent artist/ curator.
SDPM / John106Curator (www.john106.com): DNA of Water, Newhouse Center for Contemporary   Art, NYC (USA), Textielfactorij at Fries Museum, etc. Advisor for cultural foundations in NL and USA, curator in art-residencies, writer, producer.

Stefanie Kleinsorge ( Germany, Mannheim)
Visual arts, music, performing arts, literature, artist in Residence program. Curator, art historian, art educator, publisher, cultural manager.
Port25 (www.port25-mannheim.de) – space for contemporary art – is one of the much publicised venues for contemporary art in the Mannheim region. It offers six exhibitions per year, functions as a host to music, performance and literature events, helping to strengthen the network of local and international artists and institutions.

Stéphane Robert (France, Toulouse)
Creative food, culinary, arts.
CRICAO (WWW.CRICAO.ORG) promotes intercultural dialogue through the crossing of cultures and aesthetics focusing its actions on cultural rights, promoting the equal dignity of human beings.

Sonia Dermience (Belgium, Brussel)
Experimental art, collaborative art practices, documentary films. Founder and director of NGO.
NGO Komplot (http://www.kmplt.be/) – is curatorial collective of variable composition and  condition which operates as a platform for experimental art. It conducted extensive research into post ‘68 collaborative art practices in Belgium, organizing seminars and making  two documentary films.

Valérie de Saint-Do (France, Paris)
Contemporary and outdoors art, circus, architecture, landscape and urbanism, cultural policies. Journalist and writer. Coordinator for the national Federation of outdoor arts.
NGO Lunik (www.lunik9.org) is a research and creation space that combines artists, writers, architects and all sorts of researchers  to a central core.

Yvonne Bonfert (Germany, Dresden)
Festival, contemporary art, urban art, public spaces. Cultural manager
NGO LackStreicheKleber (http://lackstreichekleber.de) organizes LackStreicheKleber Urban Art festival in Dresden. Its intention is to present the urban art scene of Dresden to a diverse    audience of all generations and to point up to the background and relevances of this on temporary art.

Ukrainian participants

Dmytro Golets  (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Art-historic, expert of the auction house ‘Korners’, curator of visual programs.
Korners Auction House (www.korners.com.ua/) is conducting auction bidding of collectibles and antiques.

Iryna Magdysh (Ukraine, Lviv)
Cultural expert, translator, blogger, author, and manager of cultural projects, advisor on culture and social policy to the mayor of Vinnyky.
City council of Vinnyky.

Lybov Morozova (Ukraine, Kyiv)
New music (from the origin of the Darmstadt school to the present day), Ukrainian music 1910 – 30th.  Musicologist, musical critic

Mariia Zadorozhna (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Director of the film museum, art historian, art curator, trainer in museum studies and management.
Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre (www.dovzhenkocentr.org) – is the national film archive and art cluster.

Natalia Vorozhbit  (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Drama and documentary theatre Playwrighter, screenwriter, curator.
Independent curator of festivals’ programs (“The week of a topical play”, “Gogolfest”), theatrical programs of forums (“DonKult”, “Gali-ciaKulture”), the project “The Theater of the re-placed people”.

Oksana Barshynova (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Historian of art, curator, the Head of the research department of art, the Member of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture Expert Council on contemporary art.
National Art Museum of Ukraine NAMU (http://namu.kiev.ua)

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